Monday, July 12, 2010

Quiz : Arthur's Classroom Fib

Title : Arthur's Classroom Fib

1. What was the name of the teacher?
(a) Mr. Ratcold (b) Mr. Ratburn (c) Mr. Ratfun (d) Mr. Ratfur

2. What was the homework given to the class?
(a) to write about their summer vacation
(b) to write about their country
(c) to write about their families
(d) to write about the school

3. Where did Francine go during the summer?
(a) around the world (b) to Disney World (c) to tennis camp (d) to Egypt

4. What does 'fib' mean ?
(a) truth (b) lie (c) game (d) play

5. What was the name of Arthur's new baby sister?
(a) baby D.W. (b) baby Arthur (c) baby sister (d) baby Kate

6. Where did Binky go during summers ?
(a) around the world (b) to Disney World (c) to tennis camp (d) to computer camp

7. Who went around the world on a ship in summers ?
(a) Muffy (b) Brain (c) Francine (d) Buster

8. What did Francine win in the tennis camp?
(a) a silver medal (b) a gold medal (c) a silver cup (d) a gold cup

9. Who visited White House in summers?
(a) Francine (b) Muffy (c) Buster (d) Binky

10. Where did Arthur go on Sundays during the summer holidays ?
(a) to the beach (b) to the library (c) to the basketball camp (d) to the tennis camp

Key : 1(b), 2(a), 3(c), 4(b), 5(d), 6(b), 7(a), 8(d), 9(c), 10(a)


  1. I like this way of testing what the child has read and understood. Will try it out with A. Although it does make for more work for us. I suppose you have to be creative to be able to give authentic sounding alternatives. There is one more thing that strikes one here. The reader can put together the correct answers and reconstruct the story. A very clever way of reviewing the book too!

  2. Yes Sandhya. This was the point, to encourage them to observe things keenly and to understand the story completely.

  3. and yes, a lot of work for me. After this category of picture books, I'll move on to chapter books.

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  5. Thanks Maria. Will check out the website that you have suggested.


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