Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fractions : Word Problems

1. 2/3rd of the construction is done. If 25 buildings are to be constructed still. How many buildings are to be constructed in all?

2. Together with my friends, I ate 2 1/3 pizzas. The remaining 1 2/3 are 15 pieces. How many pieces of pizzas did we have in all?

3. A writer writes 15 pages in a day. She has completed 2/3rd of her bool. How many days would she require to write the rest of the pages if total pages are 900?

4. I have used 1/4 th of my pen refill and I have written with the same pen for 8 hours. After how many hours of writing would I need another refill?

5. I want to put 3/5 cups of cocoa powder in a recipe but I only have chocolate slabs. If I put one slab of chocolate for 1/5 cup of cocoa powder, how many slabs of chocolate would I require?

6. A recipe requires 2/5 cups of tomato puree. If I replace it by 1/4 tbsp of tomato ketchup instead of 1/5 cup of puree, how much tomato ketchup do I need?

7. A box is full of beads, 2/3rd of them are red, 1/4th of them are blue and the rest are yellow. There are 35 more red beads than blue ones. How many beads are there altogether?

8. 2/5th of the total cards are black in colour and the rest are red. If red cards are 15 more than the black cards, how many total cards are there?

9. Reema and Samy have 38 marbles in all. 1/3rd of Reema's marbles are 3 more than 1/5th of Samy's marbles. How many marbles do they have individually?

10. 1/3rd of Arun's marks in mathematics exceeds half of his marks in English by 30. If he got 240 marks in 2 subjects together, how many marks did he score in English?

11. I have 3052 books, out of which 1/4 are fiction, of which 2/7 are short stories. How many short fiction do I have?

12. Sheena has read 3/4 of a book consisting of 288 pages. How many pages are left to be read?

13. Leena reads a book for 1 3/4 hours everyday. She reads the entire book in 6 days. How many hours in all were required by her to read the whole book?

14. A sugar bag contains 30 kg of sugar. After consuming 2/3 of it, how much sugar is left in the bag?

15. For every 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, I use 1/4 tsp of chocolate powder. How much chocolate powder do I need for 2 cups of cocoa powder?

16. A bucket contains 24 3/4 l of water. How many 3/4 l jugs can be filled from the bucket to get it emptied?

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