Monday, August 20, 2012

Wait Makes the Arrival Sweeter

Every single day I have waited for it, thinking this would be the day when it actually arrives. But hours melted into days and days into months and yet no trace of it. My desire to watch it, transformed into urge which gave birth to desperation and I soon reached the stage of hopelessness. But it was not under my control so I had to resign. I stopped looking for it, a little annoyed and a little angry within my heart at its treachery. Why did it make me believe in the first place that it would follow me wherever I go and in which ever state I be. It was supposed to be my dear friend in thick and thin and it has been so since the time I felt the unusual bond with it. I know it may seem illogical for a reasoning mind but I prefer to have faith on this saying more than on any sort of reason - 'Mano to bhagwaan nahin to pathar'.

No I am not talking about any God here, this time it is my one and only beloved rain. Not just rain, everything that comes with it - the dark clouds, the cool breeze, the threatening lightening and the deafening thundering because they set the stage perfectly for the magnum opus. Everything amuses me, humbles me, brings out the appreciation for the divine creation of a perfect being. Since the time I remember having developed this strange association with seemingly inanimate phenomenon, it has never let me down. My happiness has always been reflected back by its jubilantly dancing raindrops and my sorrows have been drowned in its uninterrupted downpour, on not one but almost all the instances. There was no reason to believe otherwise but the fact that we were pals extraordinaire.

But since I left my abode of last seven years, there was not even a trickle of water from the heavens high above us. It felt as if I am left abandoned by my companion to face the vicissitudes of life all alone. Life has not been the same because the feeling of being watched over by someone, the assurance that someone would mend anything for me, is priceless. Well, some things cannot be forced to happen just because an individual feels so strongly about it.

Anyway, months passed hopelessly and very unpretentiously there it was one day thundering, roaring, raring to go in all its regality and affluence, not with a single element missing. The spectacle was one that I had never witnessed before, completely out of this world. It soaked everything from dusty green leaves which were now fluttering and displaying their shiny green colours, the parched ground, the thirsty fauna, the withering flora, to my melancholy heart. It compensated much more than what I had hoped for. Because this time, it brought the realization that sometimes the wait makes the arrival of a dear one even more special and significant. Once the feeling of granted starts seeping in, the fun of appreciating the other and the uniqueness itself start getting compromised.

I think I needed this message at this time. How wonderfully a simple natural process never fails to bring home a subtle point which feels so appropriate at any given time. I know someone high above is really watching over me and would not abandon me because His messages have been loud and clear to me always.

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