Thursday, November 10, 2011

Problem Solved ?

Age : 8+ years

And it happened yet again. This was the time of 2011-2013, the Earth creatures were in deep distress once again. There were vehicles everywhere on the Earth and because of that the pollution levels were high, almost all breathing creatures were getting severe health issues breathing vehicular gases all the time, the prices of all fuels were sky rocketing, and the fuel reserves were depleting at an alarming rate. This meant, the situation was really getting out of control and something had to be done sooner than later. The most intelligent of all creatures, a representative of one of our species decided to finally take the step of solving this problem for good, so the person suggested that we build a gigantic ship, almost like a Noah's ark and we gather one representative from each living species. Having done that, the ship sailed to the abode of Lord Vishnu in Ksheer Sagar, where He was resting in His most famous pose and Goddess Lakshmi was caressing His feet. It seemed like they both were unperturbed by the trials and tribulations of the living beings on the Earth. All those who had travelled this far, stood in front of the Lord, bowing their heads down. On being asked by Lord Vishnu the purpose of their visit, the human being was entrusted the task of narrating their day to day agonies on Earth to Him.

After having listened to what they had to convey to Him, Lord Vishnu became very pensive and remained silent for what seemed like an eternity. Goddess Lakshmi could feel the impatience of all the ones who were standing in front of the Lord waiting for the divine solution, so she nudged Lord Vishnu to speak up. But what God told them was definitely not what all of them were expecting. Lord Vishnu told them that this was one of those problems for which He did not have any solution and since this was what the humans had done on their own, they needed to find the solution to this problem. Now all eyes turned towards the very miserable looking human being. He was cornered now and was expected to speak up. At that moment, his prized possession - the brain cells started working at a supersonic speed and why shouldn't they, after all how often God Himself waits for a solution in front of him. And true to its reputation, the Human brain came up with an idea.

He requested God to let all the humans retain their vehicles but with an added boon, the owner of the vehicles should be able to convert the vehicles into any living creature of his/her own choice when the vehicles were not in use. For instance, a car owner would be able to transform his car into either a dog, a cat, a plant, a bird or even another human. But how would that help solve the problem, everyone asked. The human explained - since each vehicle could be converted into a living creature of any species, they would not consume any more fuel (which solved the problem of depleting natural fuels from earth) but would eat what the living creature of that species ate, they would not emit harmful gases in the atmosphere since they would not be using the petrol or other fuel in the vehicle and also no parking space was required to keep the vehicles. So just imagine all the extra space you all would be getting which was being dedicated to keeping the vehicles.

No need to mention that all the creatures were impressed and Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi too. At that moment Lord Vishnu said - "This is the reason I created a human being who is blessed with unmatched capability of exercising his brain power. They have such a huge benefit that they can transform any situation to avert any kind of calamity or problem. But at the same time, they must realize that they should not push things to such a state that other creatures start getting disturbed because of their actions".

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