Sunday, March 20, 2011

Batik Creations...

While looking for a new activity to do with the kids at home, I got the inspiration for the Batik activity from one of my dear blogger friends - Sheela, who is an extremely creative person.

We just followed the step by step procedure that she has very meticulously posted here:

Go ahead and try some at home with vibrant acrylic shades to bring in the spring mood...

We will be doing this many times during the summer vacation. Thanks Sheela !


  1. Awesome, awesome work, Vibha!! I can see you creating wonderful Indian tops and even summer skirts with this design. In fact, some warli-inspired designs is what we are working on - I am planning to dye the fabric black after the paste design dries (rather than painting).

  2. Warli designs using batik is a great idea Sheela. Do post the pictures of that.


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