Monday, October 4, 2010

...teaching or learning

Twinkle of eyes brings hope of a brighter tomorrow
The sparkle in them alleviate every bit of sorrow
The tiny feet anchor my feet firmly to the ground
My heart yearns to hear your footsteps sound
Soft touch reassures abundance of God's blessings
Your hands in mine make life complete and fulfilling
Unconditional smile brings a grin on my face too
Ability to laugh at ordinary events is amazing so
While trying to teach you the meaning of life
Surprisingly getting acquainted with my own life


  1. From the beginniu ng till the end you have beautifully written the poem.I liked it..and following u now :)..chk me too

  2. Thanks umapoems for your kidn words. I will surely check your blog.

  3. Beautiful flow of words with profound meaning! Very poetic filled with soft emotions! Thanks for reading mine and introducing me to your world of writing!

  4. u r a smooth writer and the meaning is also clearly conveyed. great work. m following u. keep blogging :)

  5. @Sreelatha : Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    @sarah : Thanks so much :)

  6. Wow! good to meet you Vibha. I am glad to meet another person who has similar interest as mine-writing for children.Shall come back here again.

  7. Welcome here deeju. I am glad you liked the stories and poems here and thanks for the lovely comment.


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