Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tale of a Tail

Age : 4+ years

Do you have any idea how difficult God's job is and that God also gets tired doing his chores the whole day!!! His chores include - deciding about what to place where , what structures and figures to be assigned to all living things, same for non-living things, how to differentiate between various organisms, to decide about the life spans of living beings, their activities while they live on the earth, their aging process, how will they function and so on the list goes on and on… I think, you got an idea...

One day in the very beginning of the formation of earth when all living and non-living things were created, he was resting peacefully very happy with his origination of natural things - mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, oceans, forests and plants. But regarding the living beings who can move, God was still deciding about some of the finishing touches to be put on them. He was still deeply thinking about the finer details, but while thinking and deciding, he got really confused between all the creatures and was not able to remember how do some species exactly looked. So he called one representative of each kind for a special meeting at his place.

A messenger was soon sent across to inform all the living organisms about the special meeting that was scheduled. On the designated day and time, one representative from each species arrived and all were very anxious to know the purpose of this meeting with God, all of a sudden.

Many of God's helpers were inviting and directing the guests to a big guest room and making them comfortable in their seats. After having made them sit, the guests were given God's message that he will be deciding about some of the final features for each tribe and one of those features would be a tail. Till that time no living creature had any tail. All the guests were surprised to hear about tail and they wondered why to have a tail - another burden to carry somewhere on the body.

The messengers left leaving the guests talking in whispers amongst them. In the guest room, there were large number of huge tables and a grand feast was organized on those tables - all kinds of fruits, vegetables, sweets, sour things, salty things and all possible kinds of everything that is available in the world. But the guests did not have the courage to eat anything without the permission of God so they were sitting and waiting for the God.

But God was still not sure what should be the criteria to decide about the tail, he was deep in thought and hence was getting delayed to go in the guest room. Just to see what all of his guests are upto, he took his invisible form - in which he can watch everything and entered the guest room.
I am sure you are aware of his invisible form as this is the form in which he watches us all the time.

So he was there yet unseen by all. He watched how the creatures started whispering to each other when his message about the tails was read out to them, and slowly they were getting restless just waiting and waiting. They all had the grand feast in front of them and they all were getting hungry also. This gave God a brilliant idea for the criteria to assign a tail and specific size of the tail to the creatures. He started watching them very closely and witnessed their increasing restlessness every minute.

Initially all the guests were displaying self-control but then some started getting extremely hungry and hence restless. Slowly some of the animals started nibbling on the their favourite foods which were in front of their eyes. Some were still trying to control the hunger pangs and temptation of delicious food and were waiting for the permission of the God. Some animals like cheetah, tiger and lion were very smart, they secretly grabbed some very small animals (who were among the guests) , silently slipped out of the big guest room and gobbled those small creatures up.

After having watched everything that was going on in that guest room, God appeared in front of them and everybody could see him. He greeted all the guests first, then he wondered aloud that a major portion of food was already eaten and also some guests were missing. So he asked them who ate the food and his tiny guests.
The guests were too petrified to confess, some creatures totally denied having eaten anything, some lied about the amount they ate whereas some told the truth.

Suddenly something strange started happening with some animates. Some of the guests started getting tails on their backs. For some, the tails grew little and stopped shortly but for some it grew and grew and grew. But there were some who did not get anything on their behinds.

Then God explained to all his guests the reason behind the appearance of tails and the burden which they will have to carry from now on - the burden of own deeds. Now it was not difficult to understand - no tail means no lie, shorter tails mean less lie and longer tails mean big lies. One human representative was also there and he had displayed great self restraint and did not lie when later asked by the God. Thanks to him, we do not have any tails. So is true about those tiny animals (like bats and frogs) which were secretly wiped out by seemingly very smart lion, tiger and cheetah. But these same animals - tiger, lion and cheetah got very long tails.

So using this criteria God assigned tails to the moving living creatures.

Since God is present everywhere all the time, do not make him change his decision about us humans. Because who knows some day he may notice you telling lies and then he may want to put a tail on your behind too and then that tail will tell the story of your deeds to everybody.


  1. Interesting, Vibha! How was it received at bedtime? It reminded me of the story which my mom used to paraphrase (in Tamil) to something like "Goat has exactly the size of tail it deserves" - it doesn't translate well in English... I am sure this would be an interesting story to illustrate!

  2. Sheela, Ranjani ~ Thanks. It was very interesting telling the kids this story and the questions that come after that such as this -
    Can God start considering from now on and not the previous days?

    I would love to illustrate this story - already in my 'to do list'. But need some free time.


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