Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make your heart bigger and feel the happiness

Age : 4+ years

Amit was a 6 years old boy, who was very cheerful and friendly. He enjoyed doing different activities and visiting different places with his parents. Because of his friendly and cheerful nature, he had many friends around his home and in his school. A new family moved in their neighbourhood and in that family, there was a boy of same age as Amit, his name was Vinay. Amit and Vinay soon became best of buddies. They played together on the swings, sometimes on the slides or in the sand. They always liked doing outdoor activities together. Everybody in the neighbourhood knew about their friendship. Amit had many toys at home and out of them he had one small red car which was very dear to him. He always played with this car at home. Even while sleeping he always kept it near his pillow. As is the case with other children, this toy was much special to him compared to other toys he had.

One day Vinay came to play with Amit at his home for the first time. When Vinay saw that red car, he started playing with that car. Amit did not like Vinay touching his favourite car; he did not say anything to him but wanted Vinay to leave soon. When Vinay felt that Amit is not interested in playing with him, he got bored playing by himself and left to play at his own home. Amit's mother noticed this. She did not scold Amit or even talk about this behaviour of his. She had never seen Amit behave like this with his best friend. After a few days Vinay again came to play with Amit at his home and again the same thing happened. Amit was very disinterested when Vinay started playing with his red car. This time Amit's mummy observed it very closely and realized that Amit actually does not want to share his favourite toy with his best friend. She thought of a way to handle this problem. The next day, she invited Vinay to play with Amit again at Amit's home. Before Vinay came, she sat with Amit and very lovingly started talking to him and while talking Amit opened up and told his mother that he liked his red car so much that he does not like when anybody else even touches it, even if it is his best friend Vinay. Mummy told Amit, “Amit, tomorrow Vinay is again coming to play with you, try one thing. This time try to make your heart a little bigger so that when Vinay plays with your favourite toy, you enjoy the happiness your toy is bringing for Vinay. Try it once, if you do not like it, do not share your car with him ever. But atleast try to get that feeling once." Amit agreed and promised his mother that he will try to do what his mummy had said, atleast once. So the next day when Vinay came to play again, even though Amit was reluctant initially, he tried to be happy with the game Vinay was playing with the red car. Slowly Amit also got involved in that game and in no time both of them were happily playing with their red car. This time, both the friends were happy that they had such nice play time together. When Vinay left, mummy again came to talk to Amit and asked him how he felt today. Amit told his mother that even though he did not like Vinay touching his red car initially, but then he tried to feel and enjoy the happiness of Vinay and slowly it was more enjoyable when they were playing the game together rather than when he plays with his red car alone. It was just a matter of how narrow or broad we make our heart to be. Just a little thought changes everything. If we make our heart big, it will feel the happiness of others and will become even bigger. On the other hand, the narrow heart can only contain a little happiness. So by keeping the heart small, we starve it for happiness.

Atleast try to get this feeling once, make your heart bigger.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Who is Bigger

Age : 2+ years
One day a crow and a sparrow started fighting. Crow said that he is bigger than the sparrow and the sparrow said that he is bigger than the crow. While they were fighting on this issue, a rabbit came that way and he asked them what is the issue of their fight. They both told him about their dispute and they asked the rabbit to decide who does he think is the bigger one. But the rabbit said you both are small, I am bigger than both of you and then all three of them started fighting on the same issue about who is the biggest one amongst them. Then a cat came that way and she asked the sparrow , crow and the rabbit about their fight and when she came to know about the issue, she said, all three of you are smaller than me, I am the biggest one and now all four - sparrow, crow, rabbit and cat started fighting. Then came a dog and the same thing was repeated again and now all five animals were fighting. While they were fighting, a fox came that way and she came to know about the reason of their fight. As fox is a very clever and intelligent animal, she thought that if they keep fighting like this, they will never be able to play together and enjoy so she gave them a very wise advice. She told them that whoever doesn't fight is actually the bigger one, no matter how big or small that animal is physically. So if any of you want to be really big then that animal should stop fighting and start playing with others. All the five animals liked this suggestion and they stopped fighting and started playing and enjoying with each other.

Crops rescued by birds

Age : 2+ years

Once upon a time, there was a boy Raju. He lived in a village with his parents. His father had a small piece of land on which he grew crops. He was a very hard working person. He always had very good crops and the money was sufficient for all of them to live a good life. When Raju was 15 years old, his parents got really sick and were not able to do any work. During that year, the whole responsibility of the field came on Raju. He used to go to school in the morning and after coming back from school, worked in the fields. With his hard work, he had a good crop that year. Around his field, there were many mango trees and many birds had made their nests in those trees. When the crops were ready, the birds used to peck on the grains. Raju never shooed them away as he used to feel happy that the birds are getting their food from his field and anyway, how much can the tiny birds eat. Rather he used to watch them with delight. The birds also noticed this and they were not scared of Raju, they pecked on the grains everyday and go back to their nests to feed their little babies. This went on for a month. One night when everyone was fast asleep, the bird heard some noises from Raju's fields.

They were surprised to see that some donkeys had entered Raju's fields and were fighting there, and while fighting with each other they were just trampling on the ready crops of Raju. The birds felt bad and wanted to save Raju's crops, so they all got together and went near Raju's hut and started chirping in their most shrill voices. Raju and his parents woke up and went out to see what was happening. When they saw donkeys in their field, Raju ran with a long stick and made the donkeys leave his field. He was really thankful to the little birds for saving his hard work.

Even the small creatures know how to repay the kindness.
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